Fasting And Weight Loss Secrets Intermittent Fasting

Fasting and Weight Loss Secrets Intermittent Fasting

A huge area of debate, but I am taking Liposomal Maca Review my own experience here. I have to admit that I still like fish red meats and chicken, but it is no longer a regular part of my diet. In less than a year I lost around 15 pounds, but that is not the point here, as you will read countless stories about people who lost massive amounts of weight in a short time. You see, I looked normal, strong and felt OK. That is, until when I did my last annual physical which was the usual blood pressure checks etc, but also combined a full blood profile on the advice of this doctor. The results when they came back were not exactly encouraging. The doctor said I was 'pre-hypertensive' which I believe was a blood pressure of around 139 over 80, my cholesterol reading was not super high, but higher than optimal as was my blood sugar count. When I got home I thought about it some, and realized that I was consuming take-out food at least three times per week and some other dietary additions that were not desirable such as cookies, cheese and butter.



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